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ITAT Accessories & Tools, Inc. (ITAT) is committed to providing you solutions that will enhance the way you work with technology. All IT operations, regardless of size and departmental organization, have one thing in common - they are expected to deliver quality services to their customers quickly and professionally. Large IT staffs and budgets are a luxury of the past, so this expectation has to be met without large investments in time, personnel, and tools.

That is why ITAT has the focus of providing cost effective tools to meet the needs of all IT operational organizations. In addition to the tools, ITAT will provide installation assistance and training for all of the products that we provide. This will help insure that the full value of the investment that is made will be realized.

ITAT, however, does not stop there. We will continue to support the needs of our customers by providing front line support on the products that were purchased from us and provide the often necessary conduit to the manufacturers to expedite the appropriate resolution.

To that end, we are constantly striving to improve our product selection and delivery, so if you have any suggestions, please feel free to communicate them to us and we will respond.

ITAT Partners, Inc.
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ITAT Partners

ITAT Partners was born from IT Accessories & Tools, Inc. founded in 2002. As a small business, we realized that there are a number of people out there that have established independent businesses with the intent to sell products/services to companies in their area. What drove them to do that varies, but the one thing independent business owners have is a drive to succeed and take care of their customers. The realities of today, though, are that vendors are always impressed by the size of the organization, not by ability. Most vendors are driving toward a reward by size model, whether that size is calculated by revenue performance, number of trained personnel, etc.. The net to the small business owner is that they cannot compete for the larger margin incentives, their share of the leads, or for that matter their share of the vendors attention.

So how does a small business remain independent, yet get the attention and rewards that they deserve? By becoming an ITAT Partner, they become part of a nationwide operation that can easily become larger than any other reselling channel organization out there. Since strength is in numbers, the affiliation with ITAT Partners will open up new lines of businesses and/or improve existing lines of business, while not taking away from their autonomy. ITAT Partners will develop new and maintain old relationships with the vendors, negotiate the better margins for product sales, will take care of all of the quoting, ordering, receivables, and pay out to the Partner the lions share of the margin. ITAT Partners will also assist them in becoming trained and qualified. This frees the independents up to do what they do best sell and support their customers.

Network Performance Consulting, LLC
32314 Florence St., Garden City, MI 48135
Office: 734-262-6430
Cell: 313-820-9225



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