Hosted Content Filtering and Reporting

You don't have to own it to control it!

Protect your work environment and increase productivity with Internet Filtering and Reporting

In order to survive in today's world, businesses continually come up with new products, more sales, and better service. But most often, the corporate world is financially threatened from the inside. Employees harm businesses when they view pornography and other offensive Web content at work, which often result in sexual and hostile work environment lawsuits. Organizations also lose time and money when employees tie up network bandwidth with IM and P2P, and/or allow spyware and malware into the system. And finally, a host of federal and state laws require that organizations protect customer data, or risk severe penalties.

Not unlike insurance, though, the cost of protection is often prohibitive when compared to the risk. Because of the costs, companies would rather take the chance, than spend the money to insure protection. A few years ago, one small company spent over $100,000 in settlement costs because of two individual lawsuits pertaining to sexual lawsuits that were the result of misuse of Internet resources. There are not too many small businesses that can afford that kind of outlay of cash.

IITAT Partners now offers companies a chance to get the protection they need without the upfront costs associated with buying a full solution. ITAT Partner's s Content Filtering and Reporting Service provide you the ability to have full protection of your work environment through a subscription based solution using the recognized 8e6 Filtering and Reporting solution.

ITAT Partner's Provides these Business benefits:

  • Comply with state and federal laws
  • Enforce company Acceptable Use Policy (also known as Internet Access Policy)
  • Protect company and client sensitive data
  • Control access to customer records and private data
  • Monitor communications going into and out of the company
  • Maximize employee productivity
  • Avoid costly legal liabilities due to sexual harassment and hostile work environment lawsuits
  • Preserve network bandwidth
Contact us today for more information and pricing. Don't be exposed another day without the assurance you need that you are protected.



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